Life is like a canvas. Sounds like a cliché. But it's how I see my life; I painted what I was given, white, early on and with a free and entrepreneurial spirit have filled with myriades of funny, lovely, dramatic, beautiful, and traumatizing experiences. I have relations in many countries many arenas. Being a nomadic creature entitles you to be and feel free and it offers you great expansive knowledge. It also leads to moments and periods of great solitude and sometimes loneliness. All self-imposed, it's all good.

And it is from here I draw my inspiration. I openly meet people, venture into new territories, open my own soul, question, share, investigate, invest, feel, think, analyze and - love.

I love it all. Even if critical. I love every moment I have lived and every inch I've walked. It has been challenging, almost always, and it has been so much fun and agony - and it is what it is.


Places I've lived:

DENMARK : Nordsjælland

FRANCE : île d'Hyères

USA : New York, Los Angeles

ITALY : Gaeta


Mostly in houses, apartments, cabins and for approx. two years on a sail boat in the Medditerranian.


Family relations:

I have been married twice with men in Denmark, NY and LA and have a very talented son who's now 20 years of age. He's a sensitive soul and a brilliant observer of life and an American/ Danish citizen following his talents and dreams within the music and film arena. I've spent a great deal of the past 20 years caring for his needs. It has been my pleasure almost all the way, except when a devastating family split-up propelled him into a period of abuses, which took a toll on (well all of us). For me it's been the hardest period of my life.

It is behind us now and a great deal of healing has been injected to soothen the wounds we suffered.

I am, following 7 hard years, a strong opponent of drugs and of divorce. 

The experiences inspired my book Lige Børn Leger Længst.


Projects I've created:

-Love In A Fridge (Danish title: Stumfilm I Et Køleskab):  short film shown in Denmark, London, New York and at European film festivals


-Danish Film Festival : LA - a film festival I founded and directed in Los Angeles 2005-2010


-Studio Denmark 2001 - present: my own studio where I have incubated ideas, created  festivals, exhibitions, written films, built websites and done communication for artists, projects, non-profits and more.


Employement - examples :

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: 

communication - 2011  -  2015

PRINCE (Artist Formerly Known As), Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Minneapolis: private chef, event management     2004 - 2006

Baked It Myself, Hollywood: event & catering       1998 - 2006

Det Danske Filmværksted, Copenhagen: director  1986 - 1990                   



Bocconi School of Management, Italy:

International Leadership and Organizational Behavior                  2016 - 2017


UCLA: Content Creation for Film & TV

1999 - 2001


Glendale Community College:

Architecture studies

1997 - 1999


Tony Greco Acting Studio NYC & LA:

Method Acting

1991 - 1996


Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, NYC:

Method Acting & Directing

1991 - 1993


Danish Royal Art Academy,

Architecture School, Henning Larsen's Dept., Copehagen            1985 - 1988